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Why is it important to send my child to a

well-known nursery in Anna Nagar?

Many parents, especially stay-at-home moms consider home schooling as a better option than sending their two and three year olds to a preschool or nursery. This could be because they are scared of the separation pangs that the child will undergo or because there is a lack of good nurseries around. Whatever is the case, if you are a parent in Anna Nagar and wondering whether sending your young ones to a nursery in Anna Nagar is a good idea or not, you must read through here!

Research has shown that kids who attend good quality kindergarten have better

  • Reading and comprehending skills
  • Vocabularies
  • Mathematical skills

Eurokids Anna Nagar is also better at making friends and good at interpersonal skills. They tend to be less shy and more participative; are able to communicate better and also empathize with others in a more matured manner vis-a-vis the others who have been pre-schooled at home.

Montessori schools in Anna Nagar Montessori schools in Anna Nagar

As a parent, you will only wish and want the best things in life for your kids. Sending your young one to a good quality and reputed nursery in Anna Nagar is important for a number of reasons.

  • Sending your toddler to a pre-school will lead to development of his social skills as well as his basic academic skills. Since the learning in a nursery is game-based and fun-based, kids are able to grasp key life skills much better in the playschool.
  • Sending your young kids to a nursery in Anna Nagar means that they are getting trained for entering the more structured formats of the primary school. They learn to follow instructions, speak on turn, pickup better and socially acceptable manners and habits. The playschool is actually a training ground for the young inquisitive minds.
  • A child who goes to a nursery is better prepared for the elementary school level academics and studies in comparison to a child who has never received such kind of formal pre-school education.
  • Since the child is on his own in the play school – under the supervision of trained teachers – he is able to grow physiologically and emotionally better. He learns to share things, play with his age kids, speak up and express himself, eat his own food, pour water for himself, go to the washroom, have proper table manners and so on and so forth.
  • Kids love to ask questions because they are so eager to know and learn new things. At home, parents need to have patience to handle their inquisitiveness and encourage it positively. With both parents working, daily life is hectic and parents often do not have the time or energy to listen to the child and answer his numerous queries. Going to a good nursery in Anna Nagar means that the answers to the questions will be handled more professionally and with greater care and focus.
  • And finally you do not need to stress yourself and work hard to teach them the 123s and the ABCs and the various lullabies. They will learn all that and more at the nursery.

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