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List of play school in Anna Nagar

Prepare a preliminary list of play schools in Anna Nagar to start the assessment process

As a parent in Anna Nagar who is working full-time and has two or three-year olds at home who need to go to a good standard play school or pre-school, it can be a tiresome and irksome to find the right kindergarten for the little ones. There are two reasons behind this –

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  1. Every nook and corner, every other street, every other locality in India has a preschool. Irrespective of whether it is a branded one or a local entity, the fact that there are so many present makes the task tough for a parent.
  2. Even amongst branded and well-known list of play schools in Anna Nagar deciding which one is the best amongst the lot and deserving for the child makes the job tougher and rougher.

You are always on a roller-coaster ride as a parent – as if parenting did not have any other associated stress and issues, the search for the right playschool for the young minds is an add-on.

As parents we realize that the pre-schooling level is one of the most important phases in a child’s life. Hence, it is pertinent that parents start to prepare well in advance.

  1. The first step in the process is definitely to prepare a handy list of play schools in Anna Nagar like Eurokids Anna Nagar East.
  2. Then start your survey officially in order to shortlist the schools for the final round.
  3. During the survey process, ensure that you pay most attention to the quality and standards of the play school. Often cost and distance becomes two factors that influence our decisions compelling us to strike off the good ones of the list of play schools in Anna Nagar. It is best to avoid doing so. To handle the location issue, you can venture and find out if the school provides for pickup and drop facilities and in the context of money, it best not to rule a good nursery completely until and unless the fees is way beyond your means.

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When it comes to providing your child with a safe, friendly and nourishing environment, it is important to ensure that the shortlisted play schools match up to the following requirements:-

  1. Check the child/teacher ratio. Remember the lower it is, the better it is for your child. One-to-one compassion and attention is very important for a child at this age. Kids at this age need focussed love and care to have a healthy growth.
  2. The credentials of the head of operations, the director of the organization and the teachers is very crucial. They should surely be accredited with the basic qualifications and have more than the required standards.
  3. That the playschool follows basic hygiene standards and has age appropriate activities in-house.
  4. Delve deep into the safety and health related practices of the said play school and get direct information from the onsite counsellors and if possible the director of the organisation.
  5. Check the number of students that the school enrols for each session – if the size is small it is better for teachers will be able to handle the kids better.

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