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Being a working mother comes with lots and lots of guilt pangs. And the major reason behind it is the hours of separation that the mother and the child need to bear in such cases. When both parents work and they have small kids at home, there are three choices that they have:-

  • Put the kids in a day-care or childcare center
  • Keep maids at home to look after the kids; or
  • Have grandparents or other family members oversee them in their absence.

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The purpose is the same – to choose the next best option so that their child is cared for in a way that he/she does not miss out on a healthy childhood.

For parents in Anna Nagar, Chennai, the issue remains the same. While a maid may not be trustworthy, leaving the child for the whole day at a childcare center in Anna Nagar also has its own cons. The last option of leaving the child in the care of grandparents also does not work most times because of their age, their residence in other parts of the country or they may not be around anymore.

Many parents settle in for the first option, especially these days when there are some good reputed international and domestic brands that are being vouched for by parents of other kids who have used or are using services of a good childcare center in Anna Nagar like Eurokids at Anna Nagar East. With the concept of nuclear families rising in India, the day-care/childcare/preschool industry in the Indian market is expected to grow at 23% CAGR in the period 2017-2022.

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The point, however, is whether working parents should trust any childcare center in Anna Nagar or should they aim to send their tiny tots to centres that provide quality early education to kids. With rising disposable income and education levels, parents strive to send their kids to the best centres but due to various reasons they often compromise. Reasons like – lack of presence of a good quality childcare center in the vicinity of their residence or office; expensive childcare centres in Anna Nagar or lack of proper knowledge about what childcare centres should provide other than feeding their child on time and supervising his/her activities.

There are reasons why you would want to research well and extensively before deciding a certain childcare center in Anna Nagar for your small child.

  • Good quality child care centres will ensure thorough safety of your child. It should be related to physical safety; providing nourishing food and offering a stimulating environment for the child to grow mentally and emotionally.
  • A good day-care or preschool that is responsible for superior quality child care needs to have a low child/teacher ratios and low teacher turnovers. This is important so that your child can get individual attention and his personal needs and demands are met profoundly and effectively. Low turnovers indicate that the centre values the bonding that the teacher and the child develop during the course of the year and strives to retain teachers who are able to help kids feel safe and secure in the childcare centre.

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