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Finding the best preschool in Anna Nagar east

There are different phases in our lives as we grow from a child to an adult and one of the most important phases in the kindergarten age-group is the admission into a deserving and good quality preschool. Though there is no foolproof system of going about firming the best playschool in Anna Nagar East, parents can follow the route map mentioned here to go about doing the work.

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  1. The first step in finding the best preschool like Eurokids in Anna Nagar East  is to sit down and jot down your priorities. This means that you first answer to yourself what exactly are you expecting from the preschool, do you want it closer to your home or your office, do you want more of academic related schooling or activity-oriented education; or you okay with a compact playschool or is the availability of open green area important, etc.
  2. The next step in the process is to conduct research using online and offline methods to find the best schools in the locality. One way of getting good references is to ask and enquire in your close circle of friends, family and acquaintances. Using the internet to find out about various branded and non-branded schools is also a good way to start. One distinct advantage of using the online medium and checking through social media profiles is that it reveals what the parents’ community has to say about the various playschools in the area.
  3. Another crucial step that we often give a miss because of lack of time but should always be the top most priority for a parent. It is to physically assess and check the centres, go in for a detailed inspection and recce of the places, and take appointments to speak to the admission counsellors and head of the centre. You can also prepare a list of questions that you would want the director of the centre to answer to get clarity about the place. Check the security arrangements and practises, the cleanliness and hygiene standards being followed by the school, so on and so forth.
  4. When on a campus visit, ensure that you spend some time observing the teacher-kid relationships. Visit the classrooms and see the strength of the classes. Look around to see how the classrooms are done up, what all are exhibited, is the classroom clean and neatly maintained, read through the brochures for more information on the curriculum etc.

The teacher-child relationship is one of the most critical aspects of choosing the best playschool in Anna Nagar East. Remember, that the teacher will be directly responsible for your child for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours and she needs to be really good at her job. The nature, the qualification and the experience of the teacher are key driving forces that you ought to check thoroughly. You need to find out about the turnover rates of teachers from the school. When the turnover is low, it means that teachers are being paid well and that their career aspirations are being taken care of by the school.

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